Design, quality and 'Made in Germany' are the pillars of the Lamy brand. We focus on the needs of the customer, we embrace both tradition and change, and we have the courage to try something new every day.

Design: Our products are self-contained and succinct. By tradition they embody the Bauhaus principle of functional design: 'form follows function'. This approach makes Lamy products unmistakable style icons and the name Lamy a quintessential brand.

Quality: Lamy uses the highest quality in technology, processing and materials - self-evident in all Lamy products. Lamy writing instruments make a clear statement: 'best value for money'.

Made in Germany: Lamy writing instruments embody the best German design tradition and engineering art. They stand out by virtue of innovation, reliability, restraint and status – relating not to luxury but to intelligence. Lamy writing instruments can be seen on the New York Stock Exchange, at conferences in Tokyo, or in the lecture halls of Buenos Aires. And each of these writing instruments first saw the light of day in Heidelberg, the city with Germany's oldest university.